Perry James Photography | About

Perry James is a native Floridian with a passion for photography.
The abundance of wetlands, woodlands, shoreline and wildlife within Florida provide him many opportunities to pursue his passions.
While growing up, he could be found camping, horseback riding, fishing and swimming with family and friends. Where he gained a great appreciation for the environment, and the beauty it provides us.

I  enjoy all aspects of fine art photography especially landscape fine art, arising early in the morning or going late in the afternoon to capture the moment when the light the tones the shapes and shadows are just right, sometimes returning many times to the same location to capture it the way I have it envisioned in my mind.

Sometimes seeing landscapes in black and white, and sometimes envisioning the landscape as a color print. I usually have a print in my mind before I even go out to a location for a shoot, right down to the type of paper I will be using to make a print of the photograph.

I am looking for the shadows, highlights and texture in a black and white scene that I am shooting, planning how I am going to process my image in the digital darkroom.

In my color landscapes I am not trying to document the scene as it is but attempting to bring out the essence of the scene. That is, the light the color and the movement in the landscape It’s more about the feeling of the location and less about the detail within the location. And this is the feeling I am attempting to convey to the viewer.

I love the motion of landscapes the color, light and textures all coming together in an instant of time waiting to be captured. I’ll sometimes set the camera on the tripod and let the movement and color in the scene I am shooting just do what ever it is going to do.
And sometimes I’ll move the camera panning from side to side or up or down creating a softer and often a painterly abstract effect. The color and the light surrounding the landscape that  I am shooting is still there but appears as if it is a mix between a photograph and a watercolor painting sometimes creating gentler shades of light and color. 
 I’ll often take ten to twenty shots, from all angles and vantage points, until I get an image I think I will be able to work with. Saturating or softening the colors within the scene and sometimes combining two or three shots together into a composition. And than cropping and resizing the image to get the print I had seen in my minds eye. These are some of the decisions that I make in order to create what I have envisioned before I even arrive at the location I am photographing.

Perry’s work is displayed in many private collections throughout the world and the United States.
His work can also be seen at the Gray Fox art gallery in Venice Florida and the Englewood Frame Shop and Gallery in Englewood Florida, also Artfinity Giclee Printing and Art Gallery. He is also represented by Creative Art Online. His fine art photography along with his portrait work can also be seen on his own web site

He creates most of his own prints using Epson's 7900 and 3800 printers with Epson’s pigmented inks on Hahnemuhle fine art papers and canvas. Once printed I will let the print dry for a period of at least twenty four hours before framing. I will also apply a Hanhnemuhle latex varnish to my canvas prints to help protect the print against scratching and uv rays for the prints lifetime. For my larger prints I use Artfinity printing in Brandenton Fl. They also have an art gallery that I get to display some of my work in. Which is always a plus for an artist.

I am continually striving for perfection in my photography to capture the moment when the light, shadows and textures come together creating a photograph of a moment in time that you can proudly display in your home or office.

Please do not hesitate to contact me